Carrion Crown

Day 53, pt 2

The adventuring party decided to use the scroll to commune with Desna. Upon reading the deciphered ritual, they all fell into a deep trance. Desna provided them with a look at various points in their upcoming futures:

“Look! A glimpse at your future:

  • You are facing a black-robed necromancer wearing a bone breastplate as he stands before a ruined tower
  • You are fighting a terrifying, tentacled monster deep beneath the sea
  • You are confronting a beautiful female vampire spell caster in an underground chamber
  • You are battling a decaying Lich, blazing with arcane power, atop a high spire beneath dark, churning clouds

Tattiana, you will find the hero within yourself
Fairlight, you will see the lie placed before you
Tripsin, you will recognize the false face
Elian, you will find your bravery tested
Rurik, you will find your salvation
Pound, you will see a kingdom united"

They recognized these fortunes as told to them by Dae’as weeks ago, back in Lepidstadt—at least, those who sat for fortunes back then did.

Upon awakening, most of the party members noticed something new and interesting about their friends. They decided to go down and clear out the bottom of the temple.

In the main amphitheater, something had been throwing debris around in a rage. The party members keep catching what they believe are glimpses of a ghostly werewolf figure out of the corners of their eyes.

Inside the dorm, room to the right, they find dirt, dust, and rot. There is a dead woman, identified as a member of the WW, in the corner. She apparently crawled in here to hide once mortally wounded. She is holding a satchel with 2k gold worth of onyx gems which the PCs recognized as reagents for an “animate dead” spell.

The room to the left was trapped at the arched doorway, through the arch is a rusted metal floor that has been recently swept. Flagstones are out of place in the north corner of the room. The party managed to disable the trap and open the door into the secret room where they found a crazed and wounded Estovian. They successfully identified his wound as a werewolf bite.

They also found, 3 Flasks of Wolfsbane Tonic that are still usable, all else was ruined. Room is divided by iron bars, in the first section are shelves and a table covered in alchemical and surgical tools (solid silver, 3k gold worth), another table with rusted manacles attached; behind the bars is a 10’ pit with rusty stains along the bottom and sides.

Room also contains an iron lockbox (DC 25 Disable) containing the journal of the ancient High Priest, explaining the tragedy that befell his son and what he did to try to combat it. Also contains wand of Magic Fang, 26 charges remaining, and a Scroll of Remove Disease.

They successfully defeated both Estovian, who became trapped while trying to flee, and the Vilkacis. Upon finding the poor beast’s canopic jar, they destroyed it to release his soul. Elian advised his friends that they had just shattered nearly 30k gold, but most agreed it was still the right decision.

Cyrbrisa was able to cure Tripsin of his lycanthropy through the use of a very concentrated wolfsbane poison, the recipe of which she taught to Elian. The party members bartered the Dorzhanevs to borrow a cart and horses; a Dorzhanev scouting party will meet them in Ardis to exchange their own horses & Pound’s war pony. There they hope to secure supplies for the coming trip on to Feldgrau, where they believe the Whispering Way is headed (or already there).



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