Carrion Crown

Day 67

On the morning of Day 67, the young dwarf they party has come to know as “Pound” tells a story. In this story, the tale of Clan Hammerhaft and Five Kings Mountains is revealed to the party members and they discover that the dwarf is named Bazgar. Bazgar tells them that the one he knew as “Pound” was actually killed by a Priest of Torag.

All of this is rather strange and disconcerting to the team, however, they listen readily and seem to accept Bazgar as one of their own.

The party move through Rozenport, speaking to Major Cromwall, Fergus Deadblaze, and finally, Mayor Sharpbrook before finally receiving 600 gp for the heads of the cave trolls and hill giants removed from the city over-look. One of the party members asks about any news of the Whispering Way, and due to his exceeding diplomacy, is directed via a crude map to a large warehouse in town called “Morehouse Wares.” Inside, they discover a trap door down into a series of caves. Inside one of the cave alcoves, they unfortunately open a chest containing a powerful sedative gas and each of them falls fast asleep.

When they awake, they find themselves stripped of valuables, gear, and weaponry, and chained to a tall metal pole in the center of a disc that is secured in four places by chains to the area surrounding it. A total of 8 guards are there, at 2 least two of whom are manning the machinery and preparing to drop the party members deep into a spike abyss.

One by one, they manage to break their bonds and narrowly escape instant death. The guards are defeated and one is saved for questioning. He relates that a man named “Mathieu Chiquet” hired him and he knows only that the man intended to send a message to whomever is directing the party toward the Way.



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