Carrion Crown

Day 67-69

The party decided to lay in wait for the WW reps to come back to the warehouse. While waiting, Bazgar went through the books in the office and discovered that the warehouse was simply a front for the organization. Most of the equipment and food stores here are not even documented in the ledgers.

As the three men enter, Bazgar engaged them, prompting a fight. The party defeated the WW reps and then spent the next day selling off the contents of the warehouse. Following the sale, hey burned the warehouse down. Rurik spent the day consecrating the bodies of those killed. On the morning of day 69, the party followed the river down to Thrushmoor, where Tattiana took down a wild boar for their meal.

The decided to investigate the treasure marked on the map from the ogres and located a small metal statuette of Calistria (goddess of trickery, lust and revenge), the image of a slender woman with a wasp for a head. They also found part of a skeleton pinned down by an anchor – his bony wrist still wore a bracelet with the words “The Sleepless” engraved on it.

They used magic to speak with the skull and learned that this man, Pietro, was killed by his lover’s husband. He asks that they bury his remains next to his love, Maria Bissonnette-Sardou. While they are “speaking,” Tripsin summons the spirit of Pound who tells them that Bazgar Ungrav is indeed alive.



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