Carrion Crown

Day 69 pt 3 - 71

By 6pm that evening, they had retired to the Flute and Strings Inn in Thrushmoor. Bazgar found a trader to sell him another keg of black powder. Fairlight noticed two men playing Mumblety-Peg, one of whom was cheating. He and Elian helped the cheated man get his money back.

The morning of Day 70, Tripsin received his info on the Way from Cesadia. Then they set out for Illmarsh. Just an hour or so outside of Thrushmoor, they came up the inventor Horace Croon, attempting to bring his boat to pier during a sudden storm. They party looked on as they boat crashed, and then they helped Croon to shore. During this time, they were ambushed by Naga. That evening, the party members had some odd dreams.

Rurik: dense fog – he must search to find his salvation
Fairlight – facing a group of people and asking them questions, suddenly realizes they can’t all be telling the truth.
Bazgar – scaling a mountain, he gets tot he top to see an army charging up the other side.

After rising on Day 71, the party gets most of the way to Illmarsh before dark. They will only have about an hour or so of travel before reaching the town.



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