Carrion Crown

Day 72

The party is camped about 1 hr outside of Illmarsh; they set up watches. Bazgar waited until Rurik was asleep and then put his hand in water. The ploy works, and Rurik wakes up warm and damp. In retaliation, he inks everyone’s face except Tattiana (who was on watch).

The next morning, they make their way into Illmarsh and start asking around about the dark rider. They’re told that “no one has been through in months, except for Gaster Lucas.” Gaster Lukas is an import/export merchant in town to set up some deals. Elian, Tripsin, and Tattiana investigate his room at the end and see that it hasn’t been occupied for days. The other rented rooms show evidence of recent stays, but nothing of interest.

Meanwhile Rurik and Bazgar question the barkeep at the Wall-Eyed Kraken but get no info. Fairlight learns that Gaster is tall and heavier, with gray hair, and dresses like he has coin. They also learn that Horace Croon, the inventor, has a house here in town.

Their nosiness attracts the attention of the Mayor, Early Greedle. He sends the sheriff to escort them to his office where he comes clean: there have been disappearances, and he feels like a puppet of the Vizier (HMFIC at the Recondite Order of the Indomitable Sea, the local temple to Gozreh). He asks for the party’s help in resolving the disappearances and finding any information that will help him depose the Order.

The party is firmly escorted from the Temple, but Elian and Rurik manage to use invisibility and Ghost Sound to sneak back in. They find four “priests” chanting “Dagon, Dagon,, R’lyeh, Dagon,” and eventually end up killing them. They are just about to explore further when TO BE CONTINUED flashes on the screen.



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