Carrion Crown

Day 72 pt 2 - Day 73

While in the Order of the Recondite Sea temple, Vicar Caleb Voltairo came out of his quarters to confront the party. After summoning oozes to help attack them, Caleb fell in battle causing the oozes to double in size. The party eventually killed them as well, and then continued to explore. They located the secret rooms in this cathedral, and found two Scions of the Sea magically tethered there to protect the Orders’ “fostering rooms."

After defeating both Scions, the party members each began to experience some psychological problems:

- Tatiana is experiencing some psychosis; the possible results are as yet known
- Rurik is troubled with paranoia and has difficulty accepting help
- Fairlight is occasionally displaying a dissociated personality
- Tripsin has developed a phobia of green creatures
- Elian has been troubled with some mild, short-term amnesia
- Bazgar already has his share of mental health issues — plus, he’s also experienced things like these before

In one of the fostering rooms, a terrified couple tells of having brought their infant daughter here for fostering. The child is nowhere to be found.

The party members found a stack of corpses all missing heads, plus one corpse dressed as a wealthy merchant. They found a note in his pocket directing him to meet the Rider at the Old House, which Croon later tells them is the old Undiomede mansion. The corpses’ heads appear to have exploded.

Rurik sanctifies the church and then burns it. He drags the statue to Dagon out into the street and destroys it. Tripsin consecrates the temple to Desna as his vision has instructed.

Fairlight wandered off to do some shopping, and then met back up with the party to go see Croon. Croon answered questions about the Neighbors, the Dark Rider, Fostering, and Undiomede House.

The party headed down the dusty swamp path to Undiomede House:
Undiomede House is a 200-year-old, two-story stone manse built on the shore of a small, swampy lake near the edge of the Soddentimbers, 2 miles east of Illmarsh. The house is constructed of mortared stone for both interior and exterior walls. As a result it has weathered the years fairly well despite 7 decades of abandonment. The ground floor has flagstones, while the floors of the second story are wood and sag alarmingly (though they are sound unless
otherwise noted). The ceilings are 10 feet high unless otherwise stated. The wooden roof sags and is riddled with holes, allowing the elements to ravage whatever furnishings once stood in the house. The house’s wooden doors remain intact (though they can easily be broken with a DC 5 Strength check), but all of its windows are now little more than gaping openings in the walls with only a few fragments of glass in their remaining wooden frames. The house consists of two wings around a central dome with a cupola and widow’s walk. Unlike the wooden roof covering the rest of the house, the stone dome is still intact.

Inside the house, they found the central circular section of the house was built around an old ritual site. They were attacked by a Marsh Giant, then they found one of the moits of Shub-Niggarath along with a tome on the Outer Gods of the Dark Tapestry in the central altar. Elian and Tripsin investigated this, while Rurik and Bazgar eliminated the moit using a frost spell. Rurik then disintegrated the altar with no effect. They explored part of the main floor, and discovered the Dark Rider’s abandoned starving and dehydrated horse. Tattiana began caring for it.

Upstairs they discovered the Vizier Albor Voltiaro searching a room. Once he was dead, the slugspawn that had infected him exploded from his skull and attacked them, as well. Bazgar and Fairlight also killed the slugs that emerged from him. The party located a round disk of sorts that may have something to do with the Phase Door lock in the circular entrance.

In the nursery, they found a page from Manus Undiomede’s journal, explaining the end of this family line and that the Undiomedes not only participated in the Pact, whatever that is, but their founding ancestor is the one who forged the Pact. Manus killed his father when he discovered what was to become of his baby sister.

The party, upon further exploration of the upper floor, was attacked by two Hounds of Tindalos that materialized in the master bedroom. Bazgar found something in the attic, and then took the stairs up to the cupola where he saw a huge monster land on the dome above.

The party fought not just one, but two, Shantak on the roof / cupola / widow’s walk.

At the end of this battle, sorely bruised and beaten, the party heard an infant begin to wail. They stormed back into the mansion and located the babe in the arms of the last vicar. The vicar placed the child on the ground and prepared to defend himself. Rurik, surprising everyone, targeted and killed the baby. Fairlight immediately resurrected the child. Here we leave most of the party members wandering about the compound aimlessly with haunted eyes and demeanors.



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