Carrion Crown

Day 73 pt 2

The trials of the past few days have taken a severe toll on all the PCs, but perhaps none so much as our two dwarves. Rurik has had some sort of mental break, obvs, and Bazgar (formerly Pound) is now suddenly claiming to be someone named Gratchet and has no recollection of any of the others, where they are, or why.

Tattiana, Elian, Fairlight, and Gratchet decide to bring the baby back to Horace Croon in Illmarsh; they intend to ask him to deliver the babe to Cesadia of the Sleepless in Thrushmoor. This is their only (relatively) close ally, and they have little choice but to trust the inventor and Cesadia to help the child.

Rurik and Tripsin stay to watch the house. Rurik is definitely acting out of frustration and horror at himself as he tries to smash down walls and/or burn the mansion to the ground (which would remove their only path forward toward the current goal, bee tee dubs). By 3pm, the rest of the party is back and ready to take the dimension door to wherever it might lead.

It leads directly to a tunneled slide which deposits them rudely into a large cavern. Here they’re confronted with the preserved body of the Pact-Forger, ol’ Cassius Undiomede himself. They check out the nearby lectern holding Cassius’s journal, which provides them with a deeper knowledge of the Neighbors, what they are (skum / ulat Kini), what they aren’t (female), and what they need (breeding women).

Down one path, the party members where ambushed by Iq’lothatuaa, the Insane Broodchief and 6 skum. They then moved into a central cavern, known as the Fosterling Nursery, where they encountered a single living woman in a room full of dried out husks, rocking a dead baby. The party then moved forward an encountered the Color out of Space, an alien lifeform that was apparently responsible for the dehydration going on around here. They caused enough damage to force it into retreat, and then explored some more. The only path out appears to be flooded and then blocked by falling debris and rubble. The did locate an enchanted helm, and there may more treasures in the nasty-smelling garbage dump. They party members need to thoroughly explore the cave tunnels for an exit.



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