Carrion Crown

Days 58 & 59

Blacksmith’s Forge. WW has taken over for a supply depot and rally point. Crates hold a bunch of crappy, rusty equipment they’re using for the skellies. Large stone vase inside on a table, holds portions of Kvalca Sain’s heart, floating in vile-smelling liquid. The part Vrood needs has been removed, this is just a decoy trap. Guarding this place is undead wight mon Acrietia and her cadre of wight disciples. They stay hidden until as many enemies as possible enter, then they attack. The PCs burned the chunk of heart and replaced it with a chunk of flesh from the main Wight.

Haunted Inn. Inn’s former owner haunts, Ulcris Sedmir. Ghost of a sad-eyed, bald man, is found in the process of hanging himself again and again in the storeroom.

Starts as unfriendly, can tell the PCs the story of Feldgrau. If made friendly or better, will tell them of the new peril come to Feldgrau in the form of Auren Vrood, WW Necromancer, is exhuming bodies one by one and turning them into the walking dead. Doesn’t know motive. Bring me his head, and rip out his memories and tell you what I find.

Feldgrau Tower. Vrood is in here. 8x Skeletal Champion Archers on the top level, looking down. Inside is a large tent that encompasses most of the interior, and inside that are a few vivisectionist tables with subjects—not all dead—currently in progress.

Auren Vrood’s Memories:

  • You feel like a child of about 8 yrs old, watching an army move through your town, killing your parents, burning the buildings, while hiding in a pile of corpses.
  • Now you’re a teen, exploring the muddy furrows, looking for rats to eat, speaking only to the bones of his townspeople. They began to speak back, and you fear madness.
  • Now a young man, hiding under a bridge, waiting for a passing traveler to fall into his trap. You slit the traveler’s throat and steal his possessions. Because you are also hungry, you eat the traveler’s flesh
  • You’re approached by a gray-skinned rider, speaking to you in a dry and throaty whisper, “Auren Vrood, the spirits of this place have told me about you. Worry not, for you have a greater role to play."
  • You’re now a man, studying texts about necromancy under this person’s tutelage. Yrasa Nine-Eyes.
  • You’re now in a very large city and speaking with a necromancer named Adivon Adrissant. Adivon offers you an apprenticeship and a place in the WW.
  • Furiously writing with quill and ink, “My Master, I shall stay in Feldgrau and build your army of corpses for our risen lord…” You seal the letter. DC 20 Religion to identify seal as WW.
  • You see cultists scurrying around Feldgrau’s town square, exhuming bodies and raising the dead.
  • Your hands are placing items in a chest: an iron-and-glass vial containing a swirling gray mist; most of a bloody heart in a glass bottle; a fragile skull composed of hundreds of bone fragments. In a second chest, you place a strange, murky-green statuette, depicting a grotesque, tentacled creature. The chests are given to two cloaked riders on horses, and you hear yourself say, “Ride. Our agent will exchange the Effigy for the relic we need.”
  • The visions fade.

The necromancer is carrying a poem and coded instructions; upon deciphering these, the party intends to head to Thrushmoor by way of Carrion Hill.

The PCs also completed the Story award: give townsfolk a proper burial for 6400 XP.



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