Joshua Fairlight

Small-town healer out to discover the world


Raised in a small tribal village, revered from a young age thanks to his healing gifts, protected and sheltered because of his physical weaknesses…. A connection to the spirits brought peace and brightness to his small world.

But Fairlight soaked in the stories of passing travelers, of the beauties and wonders of lands beyond, and for years longed to escape the bonds of duty and see it all for himself. Professor Lorrimor’s funeral provided the opportunity to get out and experience a new life.

The trip thus far has not been what he was expecting, as horrors seem to appear at every new step of the journey. Monsters at every turn- creatures beyond redemption, ruined by dark forces. The spirits themselves are often twisted, frightened, even hateful. And the people… Everyone seems so violent, strange- dishonesty and brutality seem to rule the land. But he continues on, as his new group of friends seem to need his assistance more than his village ever did.


Joshua Fairlight

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