Rurik Ungart

Dwarven Inquisitor - Worshiper of Pharasma - Of the True Death Inquisition





A Dwarf
Named Rurik Ungart
Worshiper of Pharasma in the ways of the True Death Inquisition.
You see undead as a perversion of the natural order, a misuse of magic, or an unjust enslavement of a departed spirit’s body, and are sworn to destroying such beings.

Primary weapons- Mace [heavy w/ disruption] & Dwarven waraxe [Forsale]

Armor- Elven chain [light] & Heavy steel shield [spiked]

Has an affinity towards elvish equipment and weapons that he’s not found and explanation for. Perhaps he should just pray on it some more…

Narrated by Rurik Ungart

As a small lad I was witness to a group of necromancer’s sick and twisted vision of bringing the dead back to life. As we all know the dead need to stay that way: DEAD. So when I came of age, I started clerical training with the priests of Pharasma. However, as I grew thru the ranks I discovered the bureaucracy was as immobile as a mountain. That bureaucracy pushed me to find a smaller sect inside the church of Pharasma. The Voices of the Spire (Inquisitors) have less of the “red rope” in regards to…(chuckles) well dealings in all things. PRAISE THE MOTHER OF SOULS! Now with the aid of Pharasma, Lady of the Grave, I am able work towards destroying that wretched CURSE on the lands and DESTROY THE UNDEAD! Blessed be the Lady of Graves!

I met Prof. Lorrimor in a tavern near Ardis while traveling on “church business”. The Professor and I had a long discussion about local politics, the Prince Aduard and his court. We also discussed the Orcs and the possibility of invasion from the northwest and many beers later we decided to travel on together for a few days, as our travels followed the same path. When we parted as good friends we agreed to stay in communication thru messenger or other magical means. For years now, we have discussed many topics of interest. Now I must go to Ravengro to pay my respects. I also go for the “church” to pray for the Professor and perhaps ease others who cared for the Professor as well. May the Blessed Lady of Graves choose wisely and fate always be on your side
Journal entry 1.
Ive traveled to visit the Professors home for the first time due to his untimely death. (May Pharasma judge his soul well) While I am shocked by Prof. Lorrimor’s death, I was truly shocked at the blasphemous book that must be delivered to Judge Daramid’s home and Prof. Crowl at Lepidstadt Univ. My Lady watch over me! I did try to destroy those unholy relics! Alas I must follow the Professors last wish and help these other folks Ive met here deliver these foul books.
At first I thought I would only help lay the professor to rest NOW I see that the Lady of Graves has blessed me with helping this small community rid itself of the vile undead. Mother has also blessed me with an entertaining group as diverse and so unusual that the words to describe them as a whole alludes me. In no particular order I will share what little I know about these fine people. First there’s Mr. Thorin a soft spoken elf who seems to excel with a blade and as soft afoot as a feather landing on a pillow. Mr. Fairlight seems to be delighted and positively glowing with new discoveries. Though I am watching him closely as I am unsure of feeling towards the unholy souls left walking this realm. Perhaps I can help guide him into your light Mother. Tatiyana she’s has the grace and beauty from her elven blood with the nonstop spirit from her human blood. Even my Dwarven eyes enjoy the view when she pulls back on that long bow (Chuckles). She also has a quick wit and a very tender heart. Mr Gley seems to be a wise gentle person and quite friendly. I need to sit with this fellow have a few beers perhaps learn more about the Oread race. Alas this brings me to the final member of our group A Dwarven warrior who I believe is named “Pound”. A quite fellow who seems to have something troubling on his mind though when I try to speak to him about it he normally walks off. Blessed Lady watch over his soul and help him find the strength to fight his demons.
We’ve explored crypt found a few useful items. Also we have discovered the name of some vile inmates of the prison Harrowstone
Father Charlatan Found dead in chains.
Saetressle – the Lopper decapitates victims
Onxcudgel aka the Mosswater Marauder killed his wife after she cheated on him; I don’t see why that would cause him to be imprisoned perhaps it was because he tried to bring her back to life that’s defiantly worth imprisonment.
Feramin (worst of the 5) AKA Splatterman. This freak was chatting it up with a daemon succubus and liked to spell out his victims’ names in blood (sigh how dramatic) Also he was the main force behind the fires in Harrowstone. Side note this is Dae’as is this foul man’s niece.
4. Harrowstone an exploration
What A VILE place seems to be a home for undead and other unholy creatures. Alas I was correct! The upper level was over ridden with undead skeletons that we dispatched swiftly. A few of my companions where in trawled by some pipe music. I was able to use the vials we retrieved from the crypt to rescue Joshua, Tatiyana, and Tripsin from their unholy captivity. It seems we have dispatched the “Piper” however I am not so sure he’s truly gone.
Once we cleared the inner upper level of Harrowstone we when to look around the outer upper lever. We found a scythe that appeared to be haunted tho not by a very dexterous spirit as it swiftly impaled itself into the door jamb and we dispatched it swiftly after that.
We are headed back to town to lick our wounds and try again tomorrow

All I had completed….

Rurik Ungart

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