Tripsin Gley

Outcast Monk and self-appointed group Guardian


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The Beginning.

I grew up in an Oread village on the Islands of Langerhans off the Northwestern Coast near Celwynvian. My father is a stonemason and my mother is an architect. They are well-known in that region and often they are requested in the development of stone structures from simple walls to elaborate castles. I travelled with them everywhere. I observed many communities outside of my own. Human cities, Elven settlements, and Dwarvish undermines allowed me to observe different cultures and points of view.

One time, I was with my folks at a mainland excavation in the Western Kodar Mountains when they uncovered a tomb. My parents had been adventurers in the past but they had bigger responsibilities such as me and fulfilling their current contract. They sent word to Jol to hire a group to explore the tomb while they continued the excavation. A group showed up. The group consisted of a large blue mystical man, a shady guy that made me nervous, a priest who was very vocal about spreading his faith, and a squire with a sword. There was also a brilliant man named Lorrimor. I specifically remember Lorrimor because he spent the evening telling amazing stories to the us kids of the excavation.

The next morning his group headed into the tomb. Halfway through the day, the squire came out of the tomb, bloodied and seeking help. The squire described that the group had fallen into a trap and found themselves surrounded by undead. They escaped the trap only to then be captured by a demon. I overheard my parents discussing what to do. My father said he had promised their leader that he’d help if they needed it. The next thing I knew, my parents were running into the tomb with armor on and weapons drawn. It took many co-workers to prevent me from following them. A day and a half later, they returned with the whole group.

Everyone was ok. Over the next week, I heard several stories of the way they had heroically saved the group. That was the first time I had seen my father for something other than a parent and a boss. I was very proud of both my parents.

As I approached my adult years, my father worked very hard to include me in the family business. I did my best to please him and worked for him for many years. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at following the rules or protocols. I was always trying to rewrite procedures and improve production using unorthodox methods. This often led to broken contracts and angered co-workers. My father would sometimes leave me home carving stone gargoyles and other decorative pieces. I wasn’t very happy. That is when I met my Uncle Lipaise. He was a monk from the Hungry Mountains in Ustalav. After a strangely brief discussion with my parents, he invited me to travel with him back to the Terran Monastery. I agreed and found myself travelling farther away from the Langerhans than I had ever been.

On the way, Lipaise described how I would be able to master discipline and find order. Although I preferred to learn about various philosophies of right and wrong, I decided that I should be able to learn both at the monastery. Lipaise seemed quite proud that I had joined him and I didn’t want to spoil that for him. When I arrived at the monastery, I saw all manner of races trying to learn ways of understanding Terran ideology. While there were a few rangers and wizards, the monastery consisted mainly of druids, monks, and priests. I felt monk was the path for me. This allowed me to work with my uncle and learn how to fight. After about a year, my teachers urged the elders to let me join the supply caravan to Ruwido every time the caravan went. I think they were impressed with how I tried to incorporate weapons into my kata or tried to show my fellow students new ways to move during practice. Sometimes they’d even send me alone as a special envoy! Everyone seemed happy with my promotion.

On my most recent trip to Ruwido, I received a message from my parents that their friend, Professor Lorrimor, had died. It turns out that the Professor had named them in his will and they were asking me to represent our family at his funeral. I immediately refreshed my gear and hired passage in this caravan to Ravengro. That’s how I ended up sitting in this wagon talking to you. What was your name again, friend?

(The man begins snoring…)

Tripsin Gley

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