Outer Gods of the Dark Tapestry

On the “Thousand Young”

_The Outer God Shub-Niggurath is one of the more interesting Dark Tapestry forces. She—and I have determined that this entity is most definitely female—has apparently created one or more “moits” by which she may be planning to infiltrate our physical plane of existence.
The moit has several stages: the first resembles nothing so much as a large seed pod with a tough exterior. The second stage is larval, and the slug-like creatures rarely venture outside of their home individually as their slow movement makes them easy prey for larger creatures. Larval moits do not appear to be a danger to intelligent beings.

The third stage of the moit’s life cycle is less understood. This appears to occur with large variance, as I have seen it happen after nearly two weeks, and as soon after infestation as two days.

While the host may enjoy some benefits from the alien intrusion, such as an immunity to mind-altering magics or effects, these benefits are certainly not worth the final effect of the infestation, as the moit, having devoured its host’s brain, swells to a size that could be contained by the cranium of very few creatures. This results in a rather swift and unpleasant extrusion of the slug, which is still ensconced in the host’s body, above the host’s cervical .spine._

While the original text concerning moits was written by Dr. Tomas Requoid, I have since identified a few erroneous assumptions of his and therefore researched some methods of moit slug removal.
• A significant amount of cold damage, if applied to the host within seconds of infestation, may cause the moit to vacate its host.
• Surgical removal may be possible, although the host will begin to suffer grievous injury in less than one minute following infestation.
• After approximately one minute of infestation, the moit will have reached the host’s brain and cannot be surgically removed without fatally wounding said host.

I have been experimenting with a number of divine prayers and blessings, and it appears that the moit infestation may respond to clerical treatment for diseases.
~Dr. Suzann DeClure, of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye

Outer Gods of the Dark Tapestry

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