From a distance you could easily mistake Moss for a muscular elf, as he is tall, wears the garb of woodland elves, and moves gracefully and quietly. When one approaches closely it becomes clear that he has the solid build of a human. His eyes will meet yours for a moment -sizing you up? – but often darting away, keeping an eye on everything going on around him. His eyes and countenance are guarded, speaking in short, perfunctory sentences. You notice he mostly keeps to himself, preferring to brood quietly in his own thoughts. He doesn’t seem the sort that gives his trust easily, but you have heard that for those few he considers friend he would go to the gates of hell and back if necessary.


Orphaned by a raid on his village as a young child, Moss was rescued by an Elven woodsman named Kaelwyn and raised to live and hunt in the forest in the Elven way. Moss was raised and trained as an elf, learning woodland skills, elven traditions and culture. As Moss grew older he identified far more with the elves than his own human race, and the elves of the area generally acknowledge him and allowed him to participate in their festivities to a certain extent, yet it remained clear to Moss that he wasn’t one of them.

Moss’ adoptive father had a strong distrust for humans, telling Moss that it was a band of human raiders that destroyed his village and killed his family, and such acts of barbarity were common among this race. Moss would see this for himself when they traveled to larger towns and settlements to buy and trade supplies, and saw the squalor in which humans lived and how poorly and dishonorably they treated each other and elves. Humans were the poorest and foulest of the Divines’ creations, constantly devising more rules that would benefit the few and enslave and oppress the rest. They did not possess the grace or wisdom of the elves, and they could not live in harmony with nature or even themselves, that much was clear.

As Moss became of age, he took many jobs that leveraged his growing ranger skills, foraging for uncommon plants and creatures for medicinal, magical and alchemical use, as a hunter’s guide, escort guard, etc. He sought to build a home for himself and save for a dowry and build a life of his own in harmony with the forest. But life took a cruel turn that made him revenge-minded, soon to be followed by an even crueler twist of fate that could turn this ranger into a hunter of men.


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