Carrion Crown

Day 74 pt 2

From out of the portal emerged 3 Elder Things which the party handily defeated. Continuing to explore the caverns below the Tern Rocks, they encountered:

G8: Shrine of Father Dagon

- Zhabh-Boath
- Mi-Go x2
- Shrine to Dagon – now Shub Niggurath
- Raven’s tongue mace

G10: Garden Grotto

- light source from the vegetation here
- compost of foul-smelling black soil (turns out to be dead humans and skum)
- DC 18 Perception; west wall is unnaturally smoothed; used to be an exit to other tunnels but mi-go sealed it with one of their instruments
- Metal device in the middle, small opening at one end, large blood and gore-spattered opening at the other (mi-go wood chipper)
- stack of bodies, all with the tops of heads cut off and brains removed; one is Mayor Greedle

G11: Laboratory dome

- clear circular dome top, ocean is above
- incomprehensible equipment, surgical tables
- 2x mi-go operating on a naked human male on one of the tables; he is still barely alive and is the Dark Rider from Auren Vrood’s vision; a skum is strapped to the second surgical table
- His head explodes as a spawning canker but he’s still strapped down
- Once mi-go are defeated, the 2 bodies strapped to surgical tables explode into Dark Young; outside in the ocean, a portal opens and the PCs can see through it to the manifestation of Shub Niggurath – fins, mouths, tentacles, hooves, un-lidded eyes
- Killing the Dark Young will close the portal

Working frantically, they are able to destroy both Dark Young before the great incomprehensible Shub Niggurath can break through the portal into this world and shatter the dome over this laboratory.

They work their way back to the corridor with the odd, rainbow lights and find:

G9: Brain archive

- worked stone straight walls and level floor
- 23 strange copper and glass cylinders along all four walls, each atop stone pedestals; 14 hold brains in a bluish fluid
- Mayor Greedle’s brain is among them, as are a few skum and fosterling women

The party members also discover the Face of Dagon (Seasage Effigy) idol with a paper wrapped around it. The paper turns out to be a letter to the Dark Rider with his instructions. This answers the question of where they are to go next.



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