Carrion Crown

Day 86

Upon arriving in Caliphas, the PCs learn that the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye has a local chapter. Using the name of their contact of Judge Daramid, they can find Haraday Hall where the group meets.

Bartholomew Marshman’s Oddities, Magical & Religious Goods, neice – Mildred; has a Moribund Eye that the PCs find with “locate object.” Bart will sell it if they investigate the recent discoveries of ashy, human-shaped outlines on the inn’s roof. Inside each ashy remains is a wooden stake.

Innkeeper: Baldrus MacGuffin
Town guard: Rufus and Marvin told about the vampire ashes found

They check the inn and find the unoccupied room was used to haul the bodies out onto the roof. The one in the alley fell from the roof and ashed when the sun rose and hit it.

They visited the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye and learned that:
- Lorena Divaliet, Witch, working on a number of elixirs to aid anti-aging / vampire thralls
- Count Lucinean Galdana Visiting Caliphas to attend royal court, Only a member because he must be, Would rather hang with fighters than diplomats
- Edjureus Modd, Master of the Caliphas chapter of the Order
- Abraun Chalest:Curator of Quarterfaux Archives, occasionally borrows materials for the Order. Has a key to the Esoteric Vaults in the basement. His research reveals that the Way may be targeting Prince Ordranti
- An idol called “Whispering Gargoyle” statue, found in the graveyard, is the path to finding the WW

Mildred offered a ritual of Desna to help restore their mental illness and Bart sold them the Moribund Key.

An entity calling himself “Ram” approached them in the street as a gaseous form and told them the WW was trying to distract them with the vampire killings and incite the vamps to retaliate against the town.

Then they went to the graveyard and found the gargoyle. The Moribund Key turned the gargoyle toward the south, and then it slide back to reveal a staircase winding down into the darkness. The party was attacked by a number of Morghs and Soul Eaters.


Gratchet scoffs at Mildred’s ritual. What could a young girl possibly know about healing the soul’s afflictions…?

Day 86

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